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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | October 27th, 2019

Looking Outside of Ourselves for The Solution

As you can imagine I’ve had many conversations with people about their medical conditions. These were much easier when I was practicing “conventional western medicine” since my approach was straightforward and clear-cut: make the diagnosis, figure out the treatment, prescribe the treatment. But, as my method evolved to consider the alternatives, a much more complicated set of questions and answers emerged. Unless I was presented with a true emergency, my learned preference was to suggest a slower, more comprehensive and deeply rooted plan that would lead to a more thorough “healing.” The problem with that, is most of the work was required of the people I was consulting with, themselves.

Given the simultaneous evolution of information exchange and consciousness, this newer approach is not as foreign as it was 20 years ago when I began down that path. Still, the predicament I continue to encounter is the resistance to change, especially the need to seriously undertake adjustments of habit, one of which is to look outside ourselves for the solution.

I get why this is hard. To be honest, I struggle with it myself. So, I’m writing to request that you
write back, and share with me ideas about what would make the “pill of lifestyle change” go down easier? And, this is important, because I realize that for me to be effective, and for us to reach our individual and collective potentials, it’s important we work together on this. Certainly, it’s not going to come from outside of ourselves. This is the fundamental struggle associated with our commercial culture, where we tend to look on shelves to buy our solutions. My suggestion here is that we look at each other.

Mitakuye Oyasin,


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