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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | July 1st, 2011

Moon of Claiming

There is an interesting correlation in the time between the transition from the summer solstice to the new moon that arrives today, which connects our celebration of Independence Day with the Celtic name for July’s New Moon, the Moon of Claiming.  Though this could be a coincidence, it is interesting nonetheless to consider what parallels we can strike between the two. Clearly, the subject of our own independence is called to question. If this is a time for claiming, exactly what should we be doing? Indeed, we live in a boundless and free society, but are we really free?  Our independence, much like our health, relies heavily on the choices we make, and the lesson here seems to be that there are times in our individual lives, perhaps more than once, that we need to declare independence.

As teenagers we have undoubtedly felt this. However, throughout life we may reach other moments that require we take the next step forward. In fact, any time we feel lost or stuck may be such an occasion. And, as we all have experienced, we often feel most helpless to make changes at such times. But, this is our lot, and this is the path to growth, wisdom and prosperity. For centuries humans have waited for signs and struggled for ways to change their situations in life.  In truth, rather than being at the mercy of our circumstances, we actually have the ability-and some would argue, the obligation-to create these opportunities of change for our own sake.  If we think of ourselves as passengers on an airplane, we will inevitably end up at someone else’s destination, but if we are the pilots in control of our airplanes, we can guide the navigation, and even organize the cockpit to our liking.  Which do you prefer?

As we mature and grow older we acquire a better understanding of our true capabilities. Do you feel imprisoned by your job?  Do you feel stuck in a relationship?  As long you allow others to rule your life, you are not truly free.

Our ability to weigh options in life does not represent our freedom; it is making decisions that truly represents our independence.  This is the time to claim your individual freedom and take control of all that is available for you.  Chances are, no caterpillar is initially thrilled with the notion of going through a metamorphosis, but once they’ve come into their  own  and see the butterfly they’ve become, they will value the experience and reap the benefits of a brilliant coming of age.

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