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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | June 19th, 2012

Strawberry Moon

The Strawberry Moon reminds me of my father and grandfather, tending their respective gardens, picking and plucking juicy berries and other delicacies from the earth. Traditionally, men were both hunters and gatherers and thankfully I had the opportunity to witness both despite growing up in a world seemingly drawn to the technological substitutes of natural bounty. At the same time, I spent hours in the kitchen with my mother and grandmothers and in the basement as well, as my father and grandfather canned, pickled and prepared their soups and stews. Some may say the time-honored duality of such a life creates division in the masculine and feminine, but if you look more closely, you’ll see that it actually defines unity.

This is a powerful message and this year’s Strawberry Moon is a powerful moment, just preceding the summer solstice, and just following the transit of Venus, the feminine planet, across the sun, the closest masculine star. Indeed, it is a time where the masculine and feminine energies coincide like no other. The season and the earth are whirling with energy and the flow of nature is truly at its peak.

Throw your head back, look and let out your arms. Embrace the energy of the solstice in your soul and the moon in you mind.

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