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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | April 25th, 2013

Wildcat Moon

It’s been just over a week since a surreal sequence of events drove the fate of an entire city to rest in the hands of two young men. For those directly involved or who suffered a loss, whether it was of a limb, a family member or a feeling of safety and security, it may be too soon to even fathom grasping a sound perspective on what good can come out of such horror. But in time, if we take a moment to reflect and remember that as important as it is to pay tribute to those who suffered the greatest losses, we all still share the same space, the same energy and the same planet, with those who dare to inflict such pain and suffering. How we reconcile this will be make all the difference as we look to piece together our lives and find true consolation.

Indeed, we’ve seen our fair share of trauma in the last year alone and have had to, time and time again, take a step back and face a world that has driven individuals to such madness and sickness, that they are led to such violence. What drives people to the wild side? How can we bring them back? Or is this balance of fair and fierce somehow inextricably linked, even essential in some way, to our very existence?

I’d like to explore these questions as we look up to tonight’s full moon, which was called the Wildcat Moon by Native Americans long ago. Once again, there is ancient wisdom behind us. At the same time, we can consider some of the Moon’s other names: Planters Moon, Peony Moon, Flower moon, Growing Moon, Seed Moon and Awakening Moon, to peer even deeper into the full spectrum of the natural world we inhabit. Ultimately, it pays to remember, that no matter what the moon says to you tonight, your unique perspective is a valuable part of this amazing and intricate living fabric of the universe. And, maybe, somehow, are all the manifestations we witness, even some on the wild side. Perhaps, if we can just find some meaning in the pain, we can reduce the suffering. Indeed, that is my wish.

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