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Making and Appointment with the Slow Medicine Doctor®

A Personal Note from

Dr. Finkelstein

I’m an integrative medicine doctor in Westchester County NY, here to help you heal from chronic illness and optimize wellness. I offer medical consultations in person and virtually. Contact my friendly and caring staff, to schedule an appointment. Our phone number is 914-218-3113.

There are times in our lives when we realize that good information and good guidance are essential. Quite often, for months or even years before we act, we contemplate the decision to move forward and take charge of our lives. In reality, most of us understand that our external circumstances, as difficult as they may be, are often harder to address than the underlying issues that hold us back. Wouldn’t it be easier if we knew there was someone we could trust, someone with a combination of expertise and compassion, someone with a broader understanding of the conditions that we face, someone who could help us break free from old habits?

To this end, more and more individuals now recognize the value of Slow Medicine – a form of integrative medicine that emphasizes taking control of our health, through our own practices and lifestyle choices. Most significantly, we seek practitioners who help us feel better about ourselves and who more effectively help us identify and incorporate ways to accomplish this goal. If you’re looking for an integrative medicine doctor in Westchester County NY, for in-person visits, or if you’re looking for an integrative medicine doctor who can provide virtual consultations worldwide, I am here for you.

My Mission

My mission is simply to help people. Those who seek my counsel bring with them intelligence and understanding of the issues that they face, yet have not been as successful as they hoped to be in addressing these issues. I hold a space somewhere between the medical institutions that confine us and a world with far greater possibilities. By providing this bridge, the path becomes clearer.

One might call the work a “second opinion” from a holistic medical perspective. In essence, Slow Medicine pays attention to the details and elements that contribute to health and wellness. The process works to cultivate wellbeing even in the face of symptoms associated with our physical existence – our ailments, illness, and age. By examining the nature of healing itself, the answers become self-evident.

The challenge, however, is to find the strength and energy to transcend the physical. My hope is to help you identify what is best for you, so as to find this energy and a state of balance – which together offer true health and vitality. If you’re ready to get started with an integrative medicine doctor in Westchester County NY, in person or virtually, give my friendly and caring staff a call, to schedule an appointment. Our phone number is 914-218-3113.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is an approach to healthcare that emphasizes the ability of individuals to heal by natural processes. To heal naturally, each of us must recognize our central and essential role in our own health and well-being. Similarly, health practitioners must defer their “authority” to nature and respect the individual’s need to direct the process. The essential role of the practitioner is in the healing partnership: creating a relationship that is charged by the practitioner’s intelligence and experience, as well as skills and intention.

Holding Your Hand

One of the greatest joys in my life is helping someone discover the unexpected and hidden treasures on the path of healing. To this end, I look forward to meeting you and guiding you on your extraordinary journey up ahead! For more information about what to expect in our work together, please see my medical consultations page. To begin this work, please see the various options below.

Holistic Medical Consultation

Michael Finkelstein, MD, FACP, ABIHM, The Slow Medicine Doctor®, provides insightful health evaluations and customized medical guidance that empower you to achieve and sustain optimal health and wellness, utilizing an integrative medicine approach. Whether you strive to get in shape, eat a more nutritious diet, prevent disease, or successfully heal chronic illness ranging from heart disease to arthritis to cancer, Dr. Finkelstein – an integrative medicine doctor in Bedford, NY – is uniquely qualified to help.

Beginning with a series of comprehensive questions, which he fine-tuned over the years, Dr. Finkelstein thoughtfully explores the many dimensions of your health today – ranging from nutrition and activity, to stress at home and at work, to your associated emotions and their impact. Working with you both sensitively and compassionately, Dr. Finkelstein then helps you understand the inter-connectedness of each dimension of your life and teaches you how to activate a positive domino effect on your health – catalyzing an unfolding that leads to the discovery of unexpected treasures. Find out more about working with this unique integrative medicine doctor in Bedford, NY.

The Heart of the Matter

Unlike most doctors, Dr. Finkelstein does not just zero in on the area of your symptoms and throw medication at you, in the interest of masking or eliminating those symptoms, nor does he simply exchange supplements for drugs. These quick-fix approaches essentially force your body to shut up and shut down, and in doing so, fail to address the root of your health challenges. Instead, Dr. Finkelstein recognizes the intelligent alarm system of your body and takes a Slow Medicine approach to working in harmony with it. Yes, he examines the specific areas of impact, and yes, he takes the appropriate measures for immediate relief of acute symptoms. After that, however, he goes a step further, looking at the big picture and connecting all the dots in-between.

Unresolved trauma, for example, may result in severe anxiety that stimulates a lifetime of compulsive overeating, leading to obesity that causes diabetes and heart disease. In this scenario, treatment through medication alone will overlook the root of, and therefore miss the ultimate resolution of, the chronic illness. In addition, ongoing medication may further complicate the illness, by adding side effects to the mix. Instead, identifying the core issue and resolving it through appropriate measures – for example, skilled counseling and support groups for post-traumatic stress disorder – may result not only in resolution of the symptoms but in freedom from ghosts of the past, ultimately leading to a new lease on life and positive chain reaction thereof. Take charge of your health and schedule a consultation with Michael Finkelstein MD, an integrative medicine doctor in Bedford, NY. Our phone number is 914-218-3113.

To Make an Appointment!

Michael Finkelstein MD is an integrative medicine doctor in NY, offering in-person medical consultations at his wellness center in Bedford, NY, at his medical office in New York, NY, and at patient homes within a two-hour driving radius of Bedford, NY. For those out of area, Dr. Finkelstein also offers medical consultations by phone or internet. If you are looking for an integrative medicine doctor in NY, contact our friendly and caring staff, to schedule an appointment with Dr. Finkelstein. Our phone number is 914-218-3113.

Following are Dr. Finkelstein’s standard medical care packages:

Basic Evaluation
In this 60 or 90-minute consultation, Dr. Finkelstein will address your primary concern and outline some of the basics of treating and resolving the issues you face. Depending on the nature of your concern, Dr. Finkelstein will typically cover: nutrition, Inflammation and Immunity, disease prevention, supplements, stress management, and more.

Comprehensive Evaluation
Prior to meeting with you, Dr. Finkelstein will review your relevant laboratory and medical data, along with your answers to his 30-page intake questionnaire – the complete personal health inventory. Following this review, and drawing from the best of conventional, complementary, and alternative medicine modalities, Dr. Finkelstein will spend 90 minutes with you to discuss your primary concern and establish a customized action plan for resolving the issues you face.

Focused Care Package
Starting with the foundation of the Comprehensive Evaluation package, Dr. Finkelstein will meet with you for two additional follow-up appointments, one hour each, spaced approximately three weeks apart after your initial Comprehensive Evaluation session. And, two 20-minute phone sessions will be scheduled In between the appointments. You will also have unlimited and direct email access to discuss your case during this period.

Optimal Care Package
Starting with the foundation of the Comprehensive Evaluation package, Dr. Finkelstein will extend the focused package to meet with you an additional four times, one hour each, spaced two months apart. In total, you will have 7 sessions over the course of one year. This Is the Ideal way to completely overhaul your life and get the support you need In the process.


The following are the supplementary arrangements, for your consultation with Michael Finkelstein MD – an integrative medicine doctor in NY:

Home Visits
If you don’t feel up to traveling, or if you feel more comfortable with having a session in your own home, Dr. Finkelstein is happy to accommodate you.

Support Team Visit
Dr. Finkelstein knows how important it is for your partner, family, friends, and/or caregiver to walk with you on your healing path. In a support team visit, he will discuss how those close to you can help you thrive.

Consultation with Health Care Partners
Dr. Finkelstein works in partnership with conventional and alternative medicine practitioners – from general practitioners to surgeons and from massage therapists to acupuncturists. Dr. Finkelstein will guide the healthcare practitioners of your choice on how to coordinate efforts, in the interest of optimizing your wellness.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, discuss a customized package, or ask questions about the services offered by Michael Finkelstein MD, an integrative medicine doctor in NY, please call 914-218-3113 or contact us by email.