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Slow Medicine For Families

The ideal way to address the problem of an individual family member is to invite the entire family into the process. That’s because there are numerous moving parts in a family system – the relationships with oneself, with individuals in the family, with the family unit as a whole, and with the surrounding community; the lifestyle choices around food, nature, physical activity, finances, and spirituality; and the dynamics of self-expression and communication that weave throughout it all. In a conventional therapeutic model, the individual family member with an issue gets focused attention, which may further the imbalance of the family system and therefore exacerbate the issue. In this program, however, each individual receives attention and has an important role to play, as the family learns to optimize its health on every level.

With the added option of on-site or virtual home visits, Michael and Robin identify the root of issues ranging from food sensitivities to behavioral problems to substance abuse, and they design a step-by-step healing action plan with practical and realistic strategies to implement over time. In addition, Michael and Robin offer follow-up consultations, providing continued guidance throughout the journey of family healing and transformation. For more information, or to register, contact the Slow Medicine team.