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At the age of 12, “Katie” was a soccer prodigy and statewide champion who played and traveled with her local high school soccer team. Out of the blue, she developed debilitating and chronic knee pain that not only prevented her from playing soccer but also made her limp painfully when she walked. Over a period of two months, Katie saw a litany of rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons, and the like, all of whom proclaimed that Katie most likely was developing an auto-immune disease, some of whom offered to cut open Katie’s knee, and none of whom could pinpoint the exact cause of or definitive solution for Katie’s pain. Katie’s mother turned to some alternative medicine approaches, such as diet modification, to no avail.

When Katie came to Dr. Finkelstein – a holistic doctor in Bedford NY – his first step was to speak with Katie in-depth about her life. Dr. Finkelstein discovered that Katie was struggling with numerous emotional issues, including unexpressed anger at her mother and teachers. His “prescription” was daily journaling, through which Katie was to write, but not send, letters to everyone she was mad at – getting the angst out of her system. He also advised that Katie temporarily restrict all dairy consumption, so as to reduce inflammation. Within two weeks, Katie’s knee had healed, and she immediately returned to competitive soccer practice.


“Brian” was a 30-something man suffering for years from a condition known as Dermatomyositis – in which the body’s muscles literally dissolve. His CPK enzyme count, which is about 50 in healthy people, was in the thousands. By the time he found Dr. Finkelstein, a holistic doctor in Bedford NY, Brian had tried a litany of conventional and alternative medicine therapies, and he was on numerous pharmaceutical prescriptions. Still, he was terribly weak, almost entirely unable to do simple motions like raising his arms above his head.

Through in-depth conversations, Dr. Finkelstein discovered a few important points of dissatisfaction in Brian’s life: Brian was a musician but had stopped playing music, and he was working at a job that made him feel as if he was “going nowhere” in life. Dr. Finkelstein advised Brian to get back to his music immediately, and through the prescription of daily journaling, Dr. Finkelstein helped Brian realize what kind of work would make him feel excited about life again. Coupled with a few dietary changes and mind-body practices, such as guided imagery, Brian regained his strength within a few weeks and has since been fully functional – not only able to lift his arms with ease but otherwise reclaiming and enjoying his life.


“Elizabeth” and her husband were trying to conceive for two years. They had tried all the fertility treatments on the market, to no avail, and the stress of trying to get pregnant was putting the marriage in jeopardy. Through an in-depth conversation with Elizabeth, regarding the various nuanced aspects of her life, Dr. Finkelstein discovered that the couple’s lifestyle was unwelcoming to a child. Both were busy professionals who frequently were away from home, traveling across the country. “Would a bird lay an egg without a nest?” Dr. Finkelstein asked Elizabeth. Following this conversation, Elizabeth and her husband got busy restructuring their lives – slowing down their pace and devoting their time to cultivating a thriving home life. Within three months of her pivotal discussion with Dr. Finkelstein, Elizabeth was pregnant – ultimately giving birth to a healthy baby girl.

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Michael Finkelstein, MD, The Slow Medicine Doctor, is a holistic doctor in Westchester County, NY. Offering in-person medical consultations at his wellness center in Bedford, NY and at his office in New York, NY, and offering virtual medical consultations to patients worldwide, Dr. Finkelstein specializes in healing chronic illness and optimizing wellness. Contact our friendly and caring staff, to schedule an appointment, at 914-218-3113, or click the button below:

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