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Slow Medicine for Men

Welcome to Slow Medicine for Men, facilitated by Michael Finkelstein MD – who practices holistic medicine in Bedford NY. As we men become more conscious in our lives, developing and flexing our spiritual and emotional muscles, we become aware that our relationships require a new focus as well. Historical and conventional roles are worthy subjects for review, and it is fundamentally important to our wellbeing, on every level, to gather with other men and share our thoughts on these subjects.

In most settings, we easily bond over work and sports, and we talk ad infinitum about topics ranging from politics to home repair, but we typically have a hard time transcending the level of “buddy” and sharing the full spectrum of our humanity. We go through the motions of our daily lives – striving to perform and achieve in every arena, but not entirely understanding the purpose of it all. As a result, many of us hover in a state of emotional numbness, somewhat separated from our true nature and the health and vitality that we seek, for more on this subject, here is a new blog post explaining why men over 30 should take a testosterone booster.

Slow Medicine for Men provides the opportunity for us to awaken, while cultivating deep and meaningful relationships with other conscious men. In this sacred space, we embrace and celebrate the full spectrum of our authentic beings, as we reflect on and develop the true meaning and purpose of our lives. Following in the footsteps of ancient tribal gatherings of men, where the elders passed on their wisdom through story, we join together to walk through the woods, sit around a campfire, and break bread over a hearty meal – sharing our own life lessons, spiritual reflections, and the healing we receive from alternative medicine. With a sense of belonging and kinship, we cultivate an expanded sense of what it means to be truly alive, and we bring into alignment our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls – ultimately leading us to enjoy optimal health. We invite you to join us and become a part of unique group, Slow Medicine for Men.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming part of our group, contact our friendly and caring staff.