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Slow Medicine For Couples

Each of us has experienced wounding in our lives, and these wounds are sure to get triggered in relationship with our current partner. Paradoxically, while we get hurt in relationship, we also heal in relationship. Through compassionate and mindful communication with our current partner, we can feel heard, seen, loved, and supported through our most vulnerable, triggered states – effectively writing a new ending to an old story. When approached in this way, our wounds actually can serve as a catalyst for profound intimacy. Not only do we powerfully rewrite the scripts of our lives, but through this process, we develop a deeper and closer bond with our loved one.

In this program, couples learn how to live in the present, instead of reacting to the past; how to “own” feelings instead of projecting them; how to attain a healthy balance between “I” and “we;” and how to communicate lovingly, by witnessing, validating, mirroring, and empathizing with each other. For more information, or to register, contact the Slow Medicine team.

“The Couples Program at SunRaven with Robin and Michael has not only brought me and my partner closer and created more meaningful intimacy between us, it has helped bring me closer to myself. I am more aware of my needs and desires and am better able to articulate them to my partner without causing stress on the relationship or myself.”

– Laura

“Michael and Robin have been instrumental in improving my relationship. Their compassion and commitment to growth and healing is something they passionately share and lovingly embody.”

– Holden