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Slow Medicine Round Table for Practitioners

The Slow Medicine model integrates the best of conventional, complementary, and alternative medicine, in service to optimizing a patient’s health and wellness now and in the future. Based on this model, the Slow Medicine Round Table for Practitioners at SunRaven offers the best of integrative medicine in Bedford NY and the surrounding area, bringing together healthcare specialists from diverse fields – conventional medicine, Ayurveda and yoga, Chinese Medicine, music therapy, Energy Medicine, and more. Each month, we discuss one patient’s case (while protecting confidentiality) and pool together our training and resources, as well as our collective intelligence, to determine the most comprehensive and effective action plan for this patient. Not only does this individual patient benefit from the collaboration, but so do all the other patients and clients of the practitioners involved. And so, through this process to date, we have enhanced the protocol for and amplified the healing of thousands of individuals.

Meeting over a freshly-prepared and nourishing meal, with many of the ingredients pulled straight from the SunRaven gardens, practitioners of integrative medicine in Bedford NY benefit not only from the expertise of colleagues but also from the camaraderie. While healthcare practitioners see patients and clients daily, we do so in our assigned roles. Meanwhile, many of us feel isolated from peer interaction and community participation, as well as stuck in the routines of our respective health and wellness practices. Meeting in a community of like-minded individuals, all of whom are passionate about healing, we open our hearts, share our experience and wisdom, learn from and grow with each other, and join together in service to the greater good. Practitioners leave feeling connected and energized, with a renewed sense of meaning, purpose, and excitement about working in the field of healthcare.

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