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The Slow Medicine Abundist, Peter Harriss

Peter Harriss is a Health Coach and Financial Planning Consultant who works with clients interested in connecting the world of Heart and Money.

Peter currently works with couples and professionals who struggle with financial issues and their psychospiritual impacts. He also facilitates online workshops to help clients integrate Mindfulness into their financial lives.

Peter received his MBA in Finance & Leadership with Honors from Columbia Business School and his Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Honors from Boston University. He also holds an INHC (Integrative Nutrition Health Coach) certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is a CTI trained Life Coach.

The Slow Medicine Astrologer, Demitra Vassiliadis

Demitra Vassiliadis has been a practicing Astrologer for 23 years. Her astrological services include interpreting natal charts, solar return charts, synastry readings, and helping clients select auspicious times for major events. Her practice is located in New York City. In addition to her private practice she is the Slow Medicine Astrologer at SunRaven in Bedford NY. She provides astrological services and presents at ABC Carpet and Home in NYC. She presents Full Moon circles at New York City’s Open Center.

Demitra has been a featured presenter for corporate retreats for McGraw Hill, The Women’s President Organization, The Barbara E Giordano Foundation, The Newswomen’s Club of New York, The Hudson Valley Hospital Symposium and other corporate venues. Most recently she has been a featured speaker at ABC Carpet’s Day of Beauty Wisdom and Wellness. She also provides services for ABC’s corporate parties doing mini readings for their guests.

The Slow Medicine DreamWeaver, Warren Falcon

Warren Falcon is a Jungian-oriented counselor in private practice in New York City and, via skype, the world. He trained at the Helix Training Institute and upon graduation taught there for many years, Jungian psychology and other modalities, while running his private practice, leading and teaching about dreams, dream work in his own groups in and around the NYC area. He is co-founder of the Learning For Life Group, an organization devoted to exploring the relationships while honoring the differences between psychology and spirituality. Warren speaks Spanish, writes essays and poetry, and travels frequently to Mexico. He has enjoyed leading dream groups at SunRaven for many years now.

The Slow Medicine Horticulturalist, Xenia D’Ambrosi

Xenia earned a Masters in Public Health and an MBA from Columbia University, as well as a certificate in gardening and sustainable practices through The New York Botanical Garden.She is the author of articles regarding sustainable gardening and has led various workshops and educational events about gardening and agricultural literacy. Xenia has a passion for sustainable gardening and agriculture. She also owns a company called Sweet Earth Co. which specializes in designing and maintaining sustainable gardens and natural landscapes, as well as crop planning and management. Xenia’s mission in her work is to help clients improve function, beauty and biodiversity in their landscape while mentoring and partnering with them to understand and practice the basic tenets of sustainable landscaping. Mixing function and beauty is something she does close to home, growing produce for chefs and offering a flower and herb CSA, as well as producing a line of specialty herbal teas.

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