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Lyme Recovery Support

Lyme Disease is a growing epidemic, plaguing the lives of many people. Conventional approaches are clearly limited, and as a result, individuals affected are facing a very complex condition, largely on their own. While many alternative practitioners are out there, individuals with this syndrome, any many more that result in a myriad of similar chronic debilitating and inflammatory conditions, often find themselves feeling quite overwhelmed by the condition not to mention the number and dizzying array of opinions and recommendations on the subject. This is why we believe that support is as important in the process as the remedy. In fact, the latter is not easily achieved without the former.

This is where the Slow Medicine Approach to Lyme differs. We see it as a complex condition, deserving of special attention and understanding.

Robin’s personal challenges and the work Robin and Michael have done around her healing offer a perspective that provides the complementary integration of physical, emotional and spiritual recovery.

Elements of the Program

Family Support / Caregiving
Food / Nutrition - Food That Heals
Psychological and Spiritual Support
Self-Care Rituals
Daily Detox Protocols
Understanding What The Laboratory Can Tell You and What It Can’t
Protocols Involving Herbal Remedies
Mother Nature’s Support – Earthing, Sunlight, Fresh Air
The Value of Art
Activity and Exercise – Gentle Movement
Microbiome Awareness
Restorative Sleep Rituals
Daily Coaching / The Importance of a Coach
Nonviolent Communication & Relationship to Disease

Meditation & Prayer
Positive Affirmations to Spirochetes
Listening to the Bodily Wisdom
Recalibrating Life
Resting and Digesting
The Role of The Environment — Mold and Electromagnetic Fields
Re-Engaging Life’s Purpose – Work / Family / Fun
Co-Infections (Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlychia, Mycoplasma, Retro-Viruses and Others)
Heavy Metals and Elimination (Clean Waters, Binders, etc.)
Juice Cleansing
Essential Oils and Restorative Baths
New Discoveries – Cistus Tea / Broccoli Sprouts