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The Skillful Wedding

There are few events in our lives that are as meaningful and momentous as our wedding day. So much goes into it – not just the party, but the entire lives of two individuals who make the conscious choice for such a union.

This is the time when all that comes to bear is at hand. Ultimately, the state of your being at the time, in body, mind and spirit, will determine much of what follows. Robin and Michael offer a special approach to the preparation for the day, and for the lives that follow, in keeping with their understanding of principles such as healthy living and self-care. Specifically, Robin and Michael guide the couple to make the transition into their marriage by becoming as whole (and healthy) as they can ahead of time, engaging in exercises that help to clearly establish a shared vision, and working together in support of the growth of the individuals and the couple for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Other components for the process include learning and practicing the essentials of communication; as well as an individualized Detox and Cleansing program that helps the couple generate incredible clarity in body and mind, which can also incorporate other members of the family and wedding party to make the occasion one that is deeper and more meaningful in every respect.

Finally, Robin and Michael work closely with their friend, Demitra Vassiliadis, the Slow Medicine Astrologer, to coordinate the timing and date of the rituals of the wedding, to help the couple fully embrace their new identity and commitment to each other.

For more information, please contact us, and visit Demitra’s website.