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Slow Medicine for Women

Historically, women have been applauded for putting others first and condemned for putting themselves first. Meanwhile, even as women have taken on the same responsibilities as men in the workplace, women still have shouldered a disproportionate burden of responsibility in the home. As if this giving-receiving imbalance were not bad enough, women often feel guilt and shame, as a result of not living up to super-human expectations. In this workshop, participants connect the dots between cultural norms, social pressures, and the disproportionate levels of chronic illness among women. In addition, participants learn what steps they and their loved ones can take, both to help individual women come back into balance and therefore greater health, and to help move our society into one that is healthier and more equitable in its expectations of women.

Slow Medicine Wisdom Group for Women

 Many women find themselves in the role of “nurturer” – typically caring for everyone else’s needs, while forgetting about their own. Being a nurturer, however, includes nurturing oneself, whether through a gentle indulgence like curling up with a good book, or an action step like setting a clear boundary. In this sacred gathering, which is facilitated by Robin, women support each other through the process of recognizing and embracing our full, authentic beings and, in doing so, nurturing our highest potential.

Drawing from the Slow Medicine Wheel of Health, we explore how to optimize our wellness on every level – the physical, the mental-emotional, our relationship to others, our relationship to the natural world, our community, our relationship to the Divine, and our life’s purpose. As part of this exploration, we learn to become our own nurturers – saying yes to what serves us and no to what does not serve us. On the other hand, for those who want a convenient way to release stress, that’s where games like Betsensation come in,

Together we create a healing environment that supports our growth and transformation, and through this process, we practice what we learn. Against a backdrop of relaxing music, beautiful flowers, and soothing candles, we serve each other organic herbal teas and fresh seasonal fruits; we share our deepest heart’s longings; we contemplate what shifts to make so as to step into abundance; and we practice methods for grounding in our power, releasing our stuck emotions, and soaring into our true lives. Along the way, we mirror, validate, witness, and empathize with each other; we learn how to be present instead of attempt to fix things; and we access and share the deep wisdom within ourselves.

For more information about Slow Medicine Wisdom for Women, or to register for the group, please contact the Slow Medicine team.

The fastest way to freedom is to feel your feelings.

– Gita Bellin