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SunRaven: The Home of Slow Medicine

SunRaven: The Home of Slow Medicine is a sacred gathering place for those eager to live, study, or facilitate a whole-being vision of health and wellness. A converted barn on spacious land in Westchester County, NY, SunRaven embodies a farm; a brook with a wooden bridge; a garden with flowers, herbs, and vegetables; a TIPI; a wooded area that is home to wildlife; and even a resident peacock, Stanley, who greets all the guests.

In this beautiful and nurturing environment, seekers discover the path of a harmonious and balanced life, all the while connecting with like-minded individuals, enjoying hearty meals straight from the earth, practicing rejuvenating body-mind exercises, and engaging in dynamic conversations about the essence of what it means to be truly alive.

Wellness begins in the spiritual and physical homes, and SunRaven demonstrates optimal health in both. Serving as the live/work space of integrative medicine doctor Michael Finkelstein, MD, FACP, ABIHM and psychospiritual counselor Robin Queen Finkelstein, who are both life partners and co-directors, SunRaven feels like a cozy old sweater – comforting, nourishing, and uplifting the spirits of all who walk onto the grounds. Built around a central hearth, with nature at its core, SunRaven physically embodies the principles of Slow Medicine – which teaches the intra- and inter-connectedness of all forms of life. In this way, SunRaven not only is a surprising departure from the typical medical center and doctor office, but the space itself is also a catalyst for the healing process.

Emanating a sense of intimacy and safety, this home of Slow Medicine provides a uniquely restorative environment, where patients, students, and practitioners alike can open their hearts and receive in kind.

Vision and Serendipity

Fifteen years ago, Dr. Finkelstein actively sought an idyllic setting where his private medical practice could grow into an experiential learning center for the Slow Medicine movement. After half a year of searching, he decided to wait until something landed on him. One month later, while awake in the early morning, Dr. Finkelstein had a vision of his next door neighbor’s master bedroom, with its unique shape and design. “This is the place,” Dr. Finkelstein knew immediately. Indeed, six weeks later, the house went on sale, and Dr. Finkelstein bought it that day. Given that the two properties crisscross over each other, the new home of Slow Medicine did in fact “land on” Dr. Finkelstein – just as the doctor ordered.

The owners of that house, Dr. Finkelstein knew, had a passion for rescuing animals. One of these animals was a raven, named Trevor, who lived in a very large cage, beneath the stairwell in the kitchen. Sensitive to the pre-existing identity of the property, Dr. Finkelstein named his new medical home after the raven, with a twist: Since ravens are considered part of the underworld in Western culture, Dr. Finkelstein added the word “sun,“ calling on the light he strives to bring to people’s lives through his work.

Shortly after, Dr. Finkelstein stumbled upon a Native American parable of the sun raven – the bird spirit that returned light to the sky and healing to the world. As if that were not serendipity enough, Dr. Finkelstein then hired a graphic design company to create the logo for SunRaven, working only with the customer relations representative. On the final logo, the backroom artist signed his name: Trevor.