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We have joined the TreeSisters Billion Tree Campaign!

We are pleased to share the news that we have officially become Water Carriers of this incredibly important cause. Beginning this month, for each person who comes to SunRaven, the Tipi, or Slow Medicine Wellness, we will contribute funds to plant one tree in the Tropical Forest.

We are joining the campaign to plant a Billion Trees a year! While many speak of climate change, this is a way to reverse it and we are committed. If you care to learn more, see TreeSisters for more information.

I breathe with the trees
–  I bow to the trees

I learn from the trees
– I give to the trees

Calling all women…

…who are ready to rise on behalf of our forests

We need… the tree lovers, the activists, the educators and the corporate priestesses. We need all Grandmothers, Mothers, and daughters as leaders of the great turning, to stand up now and choose to restore and protect the forests that we love.”

“We cannot live without the rainforests. Our climate is changing too fast for nature to adapt, and tropical reforestation represents one of the most powerful and life-giving solutions to climate change that we have. Women and trees together are a solution whose time has come.”

“Can we reforest the tropics within 10 years? Can we support humanity’s identity shift towards a restorer species in a sustainable world? We think we can, we have a plan, and it involves you! We’re attempting a quantum leap from two million trees a year, to one million trees a month and we need your support.”

Please join us!

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