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Group Cleanse

At SunRaven and Rancho La Puerta

From the food we eat, to the products we use, to the environments where we live, we are bombarded daily with toxins. By drinking fresh, organic juices each day for a week, however, we can take charge of our health and reboot our system – slowing our metabolism, cleansing our body, and nourishing our cells.

In this program, we leverage the many benefits of a juice fast, to stimulate healing on every level.

Daily practice includes healing activities above and beyond drinking juice: connecting to nature, moving joyfully, reading inspirational texts, participating in group discussions, journaling, and practicing meditation and stillness.

In effect, we shift out of our sympathetic nervous system (fight-flight mode) and into our parasympathetic nervous system (rest-restore mode), the latter of which activates our innate healing response mechanism and floods our body and mind with a bio-chemical cascade of wellness.

As a result, through a week of conscious practice, participants optimize health on every level, with benefits including metabolic balance, weight loss, increased energy, a positive outlook, and improved functionality. For more information, or to register, contact the Slow Medicine team.