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Dr. Finkelstein’s Consultations

I am so very grateful that I have the opportunity to meet with you. Your experience and knowledge has definitely improved my life. Your suggestions, which I followed, made so much sense, and the results were quite astounding.

Last November, when I was told by my ophthalmologist, that I required cataract surgery, or he would make sure that I would lose my driver’s license, was quite upsetting. I decided to wait for the spring to have this surgery. In the meantime, I got more anxious over the impending surgery.

In May of this year, the procedures were done. My regular physician found no apparent problems upon his examination, not to have the surgery. During and after the surgery, my normal activities were very much curtailed and I started to feel very tired and I lacked a great deal of enthusiasm and energy.

In July, my annual wellness exam showed a diabetes marker, my Hemoglobin A1C, was 10.9, my cholesterol was high, and I also had a urinary tract infection. Usually, the medication Cipro helped, but not this time. All kinds of other medications were prescribed and I took them. My body tolerated none of them. I never felt such extreme, incessant pain in my stomach and abdomen in my life. My whole body ached. I called my physician and explained my dilemma and mentioned I would no longer take these medications. Some, I returned to my pharmacy, who realized my situation, and remembered that a customer had left your name and number with her and that you came highly recommended. Needless to say, I called your number the next day and made an appointment for that Friday in late August. Your advice was invaluable.

6 weeks later, after taking my regular blood tests etc., my A1C was down to 6.9 and I had lost 17 pounds. The doctor was very impressed, and said he had never experienced anyone accomplishing such a feat.

I came back to share the results with you and you were also delighted everything worked out well.

I thank you for saving my life and will follow your advice and I hope to see you next spring. You gave me a new lease on life. If this will help others, please use this information and use my initials as a testimonial. Thank you so much.”

– Ilse D., North Salem, NY

Dr. Finkelstein’s consultations and programs have been wonderful. With his guidance, I find myself achieving new levels of health with deeper understanding. Over the years, I have experienced the limitations of evaluating health from a single perspective, especially when focused on symptom relief. Dr. Finkelstein’s skillful approach is self-empowering. I now look at my wellbeing in a more holistic and integrated way. I have been able to take charge of my health and apply these principles to many aspects of my life.

– Brian Kaminer, Armonk, NY

After going to many doctors about my wife’s back pain problem, my wife and I were referred to Dr. Finkelstein. When he told us that he does not accept insurance, I was very skeptical if we should try working with him. But my wife was struggling with the pain for three years, so we went ahead and scheduled a three-hour visit. After just one week of implementing Dr. Finkelstein’s suggestions for lifestyle modifications, my wife’s back pain decreased. A month later, she lost 20 pounds, and most surprising of all, I also lost 15 pounds, as a result of our change in diet, with no additional physical activity. This weight loss has remained in place for nearly a year since our visit. Dr. Finkelstein’s advice was worth every penny we paid.

– Vasili Perebeinos, Yorktown Heights, NY

I am a healthy 25-year-old with no major medical issues. My husband and I were hoping to conceive, but I have had a history of amenorrhea (few menstrual periods) for the past ten years. After reading his book, I scheduled a health consultation with Dr. Finkelstein, in hopes of finding a holistic, mind-body approach to healing.

Through his compassion, intuition and sensitive questioning, Dr. Finkelstein helped me identify areas in my life in which I could take active, positive steps towards improving my overall wellbeing. These steps were powerful and simple, and they involved taking the time to nourish my body, spirit, and relationships.

Dr. Finkelstein encouraged me to approach life with ease, levity, and joy – an approach everyone in our perfectionistic, guilt-ridden culture could benefit from! With his guidance, I saw that I have the freedom and opportunity to feel relaxed, whole, and connected to nature.

A couple of months after meeting with Dr. Finkelstein and implementing these positive changes, I had the wonderful surprise of five positive pregnancy tests! My husband and I have never been happier, and I am very grateful.

– Veronica Leeds, Graduate Student of Social Work, Stamford, CT

In April 2009, I was diagnosed with what my doctor termed “raging” Type 2 diabetes. I was 48 years old, totally asymptomatic, physically fit, modestly overweight (25 pounds), health conscious, and completely ignorant about the disease. The more I read, the more terrified I became. The best that modern medicine could offer me was a lifetime of medications that would, at best, slow the progression of a disease that would invariably shorten and reduce the quality of my life.

Shortly thereafter, my wife learned of the work that Dr. Finkelstein was doing through SunRaven. From our initial meeting with Michael, where my wife and I spent 3 hours reviewing my history, his approach was a game-changer. Gone was the veil of false complexity and unwarranted certainty that so often shrouds discussions of medicine and nutrition. Instead, Michael shared his medical and philosophical wisdom on what constitutes and generates health at its most basic level. The resulting empowerment allowed me to pursue a diet and lifestyle-based approach to my diabetes. The most difficult part of this decision was knowingly going against conventional wisdom and the pharmaceutical-oriented advice of my endocrinologist.

With Michael’s involvement as a trusted medical advisor and a true partner in health, I felt confident in choosing the road less traveled. There was no list of do’s and don’ts, no rigid program to follow, no agenda, simply an exploration of health and a discussion of how to get my body back into balance. I walked out of Michael’s office that day and made some sweeping changes to my diet, all of which now made sense to me. I completely subscribe to Michael’s belief that deprivation works against achieving balance, and that success comes from an “85% solution.”Perfect is the enemy of good. I didn’t count calories, yet the weight peeled off; I didn’t micro-mange my blood sugar, yet that too normalized; and meals are still fun.

Within a year, there was absolutely no sign of diabetes in my life, and 5 years later, my health has never been better, nor has it ever been easier to maintain. For that, I will always be grateful. I have been back to see Michael on occasion since that initial visit and have participated in a few programs at SunRaven, including a green-juice fast which I heartily recommend.

Given my amazing results, I have recommended Michael to a number of friends and family members over the years who were trying to navigate a wide variety of health problems. The feedback I have received from all, with no exceptions, is that Michael brings compassion and a wealth of knowledge about mind and body, which has had a positive impact on their lives.Through all of these experiences, I have come to understandMichael’s great gift for empowering and motivating people with strategies for skillful living that will last a lifetime.

– Ken Fields, Business Executive, Katonah, NY