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Dr. Finkelstein’s Book, Slow Medicine

Everyone should read Slow Medicine… Dr. Finkelstein is a visionary practitioner, with decades of experience combining a scientist’s perspective with common sense and wisdom. Slow Medicine represents a superbly insightful advancement in the literature of Integrative Health. It is important, fun to read, and potentially life changing.

– Andrew Weil, MD, Founder and Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona

Dr. Michael Finkelstein masterfully guides us through the questions that connect the dots of our lives.

– Mehmet Oz, MD, Vice Chair and Professor of Surgery, New York-Presbyterian Columbia

Reading Dr. Finkelstein’s book, Slow Medicine, is like curling up with the best friend you’ve always wanted: unendingly kind, knowledgeable, sparkling, and wise. Dr. Finkelstein isn’t afraid to open himself up, as he holds a mirror for us all to recognize ourselves in such a way that we can feel life coursing through even our most buried parts.

This book succeeds in a far-reaching synthesis of research-based health science and deep insights of purpose, meaning, resilience, and love.

We are all, in the private kingdom of our hearts, hungry for people who can help us know ourselves better. Dr. Finkelstein shows us a rare and exciting map of our own bodies, minds, and souls. Upon finishing this book, improving my life felt easy – a simple outcome of my heightened perspective.

– Vivian Stadlin, co-founder of Eden Village Camp, Putnam Valley, NY