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Slow Medicine Programs

Over the years, Dr. Michael Finkelstein has offered a variety of workshops at Gilda’s Club Westchester, a cancer support community that offers social and emotional support to people impacted by cancer. His workshops are well attended, highly informative, and well regarded.

– Judy Freeman, Gilda’s Club Westchester

Dr. Finkelstein’s presentation on the topic, “Slow Living Is Healthy Living,” had a tremendous impact on the participants. After his presentation, I kept running into folks who attended, and they thanked me for bringing him. Dr. Finkelstein was a powerful presenter, who talked at everyone’s level, instead of above their heads. He was able to find the baseline of his audience quickly and to adjust his lecture, so that everyone could participate, feel comfortable, and be engaged as a partner in the conversation. He flawlessly and respectfully allowed participants to wander deep inside and bring up their stories. Dr. Finkelstein is doing amazing work in helping people grow. We need more of this kind of work in the world!

– Orly Munzing, Founder and Executive Director, Strolling of the Heifers

Dr. Finkelstein’s workshop, “How to Live an Anti-Inflammatory Life,” was absolutely inspiring. It was the most valuable one I have ever attended at Omega, and I have been to about 40 or so!

– Richard Sahn, PhD, Sociology and Psychology Instructor, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport, PA

Dr. Finkelstein’s perspectives on health and wellness were incredibly inspiring. One aspect that really motivated me was the emphasis he placed on being progress-oriented rather than goal-oriented, and about how it is important to let go of attachment to outcome. As a college student, I am constantly pressured with deadlines and stressed about time management, and his outlook really inspired me to mentally re-frame my academic anxieties. His presentation left me with new perspectives that I plan to use throughout my academic career, to help maintain a positive disposition during stressful circumstances. I really appreciate Dr. Finkelstein taking the time to share his wisdom with our class.

– Kathleen Norton, SUNY Binghamton

I had the pleasure of hearing Michael Finkelstein speak while on tour for his amazing new book, Slow Medicine. It was a powerful experience. Dr. Finkelstein has given us a great gift in his book, which is a profound yet readable synthesis of the abundant medical research that has become available to us, the breakthroughs in understanding the human body and its many systems, the ancient wisdom of Eastern medicine and thought, and the the spirit that connects them all. His is one of the finest books I have read, to offer help and guidance to live life slowly and magnificently.

What especially struck me when I heard him speak was the extraordinary ability he has to hone in on a question and offer the deepest healing possible for that person in the few moments of conversation between them. He is a leader in thought, in healing, and in helping us evolve in the understanding of our own humanity.

– Linda McInerney, Founder and Artistic Director, Old Deerfield Productions

I attended Dr. Michael Finkelstein’s presentation at the Slow Living Summit and took pages of notes. Dr. Finkelstein’s discussion fit beautifully into the Slow Living Summit exploration of the journey of food. His inspirational talk offered an expanded definition of our whole state of health, to include science, spirit and nature; the quality of our sacred relationships; our collective and our individual contributions to society; and the Slow Medicine prescription for getting healthy. We will be using the major themes and discussions from Dr. Finkelstein’s presentation, to help build our 2016 New Jersey Local, Healthy Summit.

– Mitch Morrison, CEO, Economic Green Solutions