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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | March 22nd, 2012

Big Famine Moon

Near the end of March, the new moon rising is curiously known as the Big Famine moon, referring to the possibility of famine and scarcity, despite the imminent arrival of spring. It reminds us that even in this much awaited season, which we tend to consider congruous with blooming and bounty, people of the past took nothing for granted. Indeed, if by now the snows didn’t melt, famine would become a reality for these people long ago.

Preparation was key in those times. Wishful thinking was not enough when survival depended on it. Perhaps not as much now as in the past, but our lives are still influenced and largely directed by nature. And to be clear, the nature that I refer to goes well beyond the flowers, the trees, the rain and the snow. Our connections to all of life and its flows remain essential. Greater awareness of this reality, then, is the first step to true well-being.

And while we cannot shift or change the laws of nature or how it affects us in each and every moment, we can be sensible and prepared for the direction it takes us. Ultimately, while we will face challenges and struggles as the various manifestations of famine plague us, we can rely on our deeper instincts to trust and to have faith that a master plan can make sense of it all. Only with that can we aspire to grow; learning what we must to transcend the mundane.

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