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Body-Mind Connection

Posted by Michael Finkelstein | January 24th, 2020

Finding Health

As the year gets underway, I thought it would be helpful to send a picture that I’ve drawn in an attempt to encapsulate the entire project of a human life. I share it with you now to remind you not to overlook any of these key determinants of health. And, here is something I’ve written…

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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | February 15th, 2018

Examining our Emotions

At our recent Men’s Group, one of the guys shared something he recently came across…a book that suggested that our emotions are essentially another sense; similar to smell, taste, sight, etc. This got me thinking, largely because I have spent so much time considering the effects of emotions, both personally and professionally, that they have…

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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | March 27th, 2017

Thoughts For The Emerging Spring

I believe that our understanding of health has reached a new level and as such medicine is evolving into a new era; finally. What’s so special about this next period is that individuals will be treated with the status they deserve, on par with their doctors and other healers. This new era, though, is not…

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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | February 27th, 2016

Slow Medicine for Arthritis

Arthritis, or degenerative joint disease, is an inflammatory condition that causes intense pain, resulting in limited mobility and a chain reaction of problems – including isolation, sadness, and frustration. Since arthritis is an inflammatory condition, the antidote to arthritis is the anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Find out more in this six minute video with Michael Finkelstein MD,…

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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | January 14th, 2016

The Slow Medicine Approach to Heart Health

In the case of heart disease, the first sign of a problem may be a fatal heart attack, as is the case 1/3 of the time. For this reason, it is critically important to take all the necessary precautions to prevent heart disease. Also for this reason, it is wise to consider steps beyond the…

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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | January 7th, 2016

Slow Medicine for Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss

You’ve done everything in your power to lose weight – eating all the “right” foods, keeping your portions moderate, and exercising. So why aren’t you losing those excess pounds? Most people don’t realize that weight loss is less about food and more about lifestyle. This 5 minute video clips explains and gets you started on…

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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | January 5th, 2016

Slow Medicine for Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss

The Key Ingredients of Weight Balance Many of us feel a sense of “lack,” or deprivation, in some area of our lives. Looking for comfort and escape, we turn to food. We then berate ourselves for being “bad” and go on punitive diets, in a never-ending vicious cycle. Diets fail not only because they “feed…

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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | October 11th, 2015

From Debting to Daring

When we speak about “debt,” we typically think in terms of the balance we have on our credit cards, school loans, or home mortgages. Debt, however, is a deeper reflection of lack – whether lack of faith, self-esteem, love, or support. All of this “lack” can show up financially, though not necessarily in obvious ways.…

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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | October 2nd, 2015

The Healing Power of Food

On the surface, all strawberries are the same. There is a marked difference, however, between a summer strawberry that is picked straight from a local organic garden and a strawberry that is out of season, store-bought, grown on a factory farm, and shipped in from thousands of miles away. The color, aroma, and taste are…

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