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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | May 28th, 2010

Cycle Moon

Today’s letter will remind you that we are in the Full Moon phase, a time when the moon’s gravitational effects on the planet are at their greatest.  Just think of the tides.

It is commonly joked that the moon exerts a considerable degree of influence on human beings and it is regularly discussed how  people’s passions and emotional states flare up during the full moon. Indeed, the word ‘lunatic’ derived from the word ‘lunar’ (or moon) indicates very clearly that awareness of this connection is quite ancient.

Some people don’t need a full moon to feel like they’re a little crazed, though.  Too many of us pack our lives with activities and commitments and clutter our minds with overwhelming thoughts. As a result, we feel as though we are running from one thing to the next. We lose perspective of what is truly important and we lose balance in our lives.

Honoring the moon is a historically common and relevant practice on this day.  Many cultures throughout history and all over the world have had a high regard for the full moon.  In this way, connecting to the rhythm of nature is in itself a healthy practice and essential to maintaining balance in one’s life over time.

On the day of the full moon, I invite you to ask yourself: How full is my plate? How can I regain balance in my busy life?


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