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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | June 4th, 2012

Father Moon

As the Full Moon of the month approaches us with the solar apex soon to follow, we approach the celebration of Father’s Day and all things paternal. Indeed, the role of the father is essential to the development of children, even though is often overshadowed by the role of mothers.

As we discussed last month, there’s no doubt that maternal bonds with children are special and incredibly strong, established at the moment of our birth and particularly critical in the early years of development. However, the paternal role and identity of the father is equivalent in importance to a family. Father’s roles and skills in parenting are innately unique, with the ability to handle risks, difficult challenges and guidance with a masculine, somewhat “less attached” perspective. Waiting patiently, often in the background, it is ultimately the father who handles the final preparation for the world and pushes us out of the nest.

During this “month of the father,” I encourage you to reward fathers for their great contributions to parenting and give all dads the credit they yearn for.

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