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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | October 26th, 2011

Harvest Moon

We continue moving deeper into fall this new moon, and with it, deeper into the harvest. Think of nature’s cycles, bearing in mind, that the farther into fall we go, the closer we get to winter. Indeed, it is around this time that our harvest shifts beyond mere consumption to conservation. Just as bears prepare for the long hibernation ahead, we too, must begin to prepare for the next phase of our the year. However, keeping in mind the perennial lesson about being in the moment, we should remember that bears are not thinking ahead, they simply follow the call of the season and live accordingly. It is at this time that they scout out their winter den, removing the debris and getting it ready. Bears instinctively “understand” that living in clutter is untenable, especially in the winter.

Fall is a time of letting go to move forward–in other words, it is a time of addition by subtraction. Indeed, there comes a time to remove the litter, to lighten our load, in order to maintain our balance and rhythm; especially as resources become more scarce.. As the sun’s energy naturally winds down, I encourage you to begin to slow down yourself, moving gently through this season as it becomes the next, Tidy up those parts of your life that need some clearing, and accept the things to come; eventually entering into your own cave of rest and restoration.

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