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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | February 24th, 2013

Hunger Moon

Despite our wishes to the contrary, we are reminded daily that winter remains in full swing; and although the promise of spring is somewhat near, it hovers over the horizon, still out of reach. And, the names for final full moon of winter reflect the facts. Indeed, deep into the season, hardship was common: Trapper’s Moon, Moon When Trees Pop,Moon of Ice, Bony Moon, Snow Moon and Storm Moon all reflect winter’s gloom. The Little Famine Moon and Hunger Moon reveal the seriousness of our condition.

Yet, although it has been quite the winter so far for us, I can’t help but sense the rising hope in everyone around me as the season rounds out.  Considering the harsh, stormy and icy conditions it bestowed, there’s a resounding feeling of our having “weathered the storm,” so to speak; that these harsh elements have generated a strength that has been conveyed to us that will help satisfy our hunger for more…for something different; for rebirth and renewal.

In that regard, it’s rather interesting to analyze the word hunger, specifically as it is used in the western world, focused so much on the physical dimension of the word, as with life itself. Indeed, the epidemic of obesity indicates that our hunger is not physical at all. The concept of hunger then broadens to define a state that includes the emotional and spiritual deprivation that exists in our society. Though we live in one of the wealthiest, most thriving nations in the world, where the majority of us have an overabundance of possessions, food supply and anything we could ever imagine at our fingertips, we seem to be suffering from anorexia of the spirit. Now, as the full Hunger Moon rises we are asked to take notice. What are we hungry for today?

Join me in the process of feeding our souls.

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