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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | July 22nd, 2013

Moon of the Middle Summer

With this month’s full moon now upon us, we are faced with a surprising, and for many, disappointing realization. Referred to as the “Moon of the Middle Summer,” by the Dakota Sioux, this name for July’s full moon reminds us that the coveted summer months are quickly passing us by. Though we are powerless to stop the inexorable clicks of the clock, it is important to recognize that we do have the ability to prevent missed opportunities. This moment of reflection prompts us to take a look at the bigger picture, and with this expanded awareness, we can take measures to savor what’s left of summer, so come September, we aren’t left wishing that we had slowed down our lives to embrace and fully incorporate the warmth and joy of the summer season.

In this sense, this summer epiphany speaks and relates to the power of hindsight. Indeed, it requires our attention, a moment of calm contemplation, for us to recognize that the beauty of summer is fleeting; and not to get caught up in our “business” – our demanding responsibilities and the crises of our day to day lives – before we realize too late that the time for restoration has passed. Until we engage in this act of looking back and checking where we are in the course of time–hindsight–the fast-pace dynamic of today’s world risks engulfing us completely. Now is the time to pause, to take a moment for calm observance.

Ultimately this will help us grow, and, at the same time, gives us what we really need right now, the time to enjoy.

Mitakuye Oyasin,

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