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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | August 8th, 2011

Moon When All Things Ripen

As the last new moon of the summer, this moon exemplifies a passage in time from one season to the next. By this time of the year, and with our work to date on appreciating the cycles and rhythms of nature, we rest heavy in our hammocks (hurricane aside) seamlessly enjoying the breadth and warmth of the sun. At the same time we are reminded not to overlook the things we have so we can maximize each moment.  As this season comes to a close, I encourage you to channel the energy of the Solstice and the summer months with renewed coherence, focus and purpose.

Now, as we approach this new moon and season, we must reflect on how the closing of the past season and everything we’ve learned along the way has brought us to the next. Always remember, the destination is the most important, but it’s not nearly as rewarding if you don’t understand and reflect on how you got there.

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