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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | July 19th, 2012

Ripe Corn Moon

At a time that normally brings a flourish of crops, a season of bright green stalks of corn and bountiful vegetables growing upward from the earth, we read the headlines that warn of unprecedented drought and crop loss.

The extreme weather conditionsacross the country have sparked concern for the tremendous effects on crops, especially corn, which according to statistics, is the most severe it has been in decades. The news of the shortage is incredibly timely, and ironic, as this particular moon, the Ripe Corn Moon, is upon us. Indeed, while we are inclined to discuss the unnatural phenomena that might have contributed to this situation, we are forced to remember that it is natural for nature to be unpredictable.

The drought and shortage of corn during its own moon cycle, the time of abundance, is incredibly poignant and highlights an essential element to living with greater Skill. You can’t be certain of everything in life. And, certainly, the early inhabitants of our continent were familiar with that. Although they identified this moon by the name of their most important source of sustenance at this time of the year, they were also mindful of its tenuous nature and never took it for granted. Nature flows and provides unexpected turns along its path that you have to accept, adapt to and follow along.

While our lives in modern times may be a little more predictable, we too must learn to expect the unexpected, and adjust to remain in balance when the world around us is not fully cooperative – a timely message for the season for sure.

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