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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | September 27th, 2011

Singing Moon

As we enter the fall season we begin to anticipate the experience and the familiar feeling of the cool, invigorating air brushing over our skin. The last hot breaths of summer become less frequent and soon the summer will feel like a distant memory. September, as many of us realize, is a month about transition. Indeed, we have a great opportunity now to ride the waves that the autumnal equinox provides as we move from one time to the next.

In some cultures the September moon is known as the singing moon, a delicate reference to the movement of air and wind as we enter fall.  As the crickets attest, this season is one full of sounds and reverberations, and if we listen intently we can actually hear the wind singing and speaking softly to us in the voices of nature.  If you stop and take a minute, you will hear the songs, accompanying us on our own journey through time.  The summer warmth and the hot sun gave us energy and filled us with stir, and now, fall sings its own tune, reminding us that it is time to relax and release.

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