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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | September 15th, 2012

Singing Moon

As we enter harvest season and the dog days of summer come to a close, we are naturally reminded of all that we have to be grateful for. Tuning into the landscape, we hear the chorus of nature rejoicing as well — the crickets seem louder each night and the birds, finally able to catch their breath, emerge from the summer’s heat and call to the rising sun each morning.  And the air begins to move again, The wind briskly brushes our faces and rustles the leaves on the trees. Indeed, even the trees are singing.

It is here–on the brink of this powerful seasonal shift–that we can feel a purposeful movement of air, manifesting in an energy that can be compared in many regards to a joyous and meaningful song. And it happens on every level that is attuned to it.  Fittingly, the Celtics knew the New Moon in September as the Singing Moon.

These wise natives remind us, through their telling reference to the Singing Moon, to appreciate the privileges of expression; that we can take the natural element of air and intentionally pass it through our bodies to create music.

In the Jewish religion as well, the special nature of song is also appreciated. Now, at the dawn of the New Year, celebrated throughout the Jewish community commencing on this New Moon, we are reminded of four different methods of prayer: thought, written, spoken and sung; revealing a natural progression of order from one to the next. To think, to write, to speak and to sing –each with its own nuance–allows us to fully express ourselves.  But, it is song which is the highest form. What a gift we possess that we can sing!

This month, nature’s chorus is in full harmony, so open your windows, open your heart and open your mouth.  The world is singing. Sing along with it!

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