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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | March 27th, 2013

Snow in March

Last year at this time, I remember enjoying 80 degree weather here in New York. Not so much this year. I often feel that this stall in spring time and the slowness of this year’s awakening requires special attention. Are we to become inpatient? Or, are we to heed nature’s call and “stay in bed” a little longer, hibernate a teeny bit more.

What’s interesting is that in other places, even under the snow covered ground of late March here in the Northeast, there are some parts of nature that are blooming already; eager to take life and get going. To me, this is a perfect lesson for us – learning to wait until the time is right. Indeed, if everything blossomed all at once, where would we be in May? If we all developed at the same pace, where would the variety and spice of life come from? Would there be any adventure at all?

So before you get frustrated with the weather, or more importantly before you come down too hard on your spouse or child or friend on this full moon because of their “tardiness”, think about the cycles of nature and how important it is for things to blossom in their unique and special way, at their own time.

The fact is we can only see so much beauty at one time. Fortunately nature understands this, and so we can learn to appreciate each other in the same way. So bring it on, one flower at a time!

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