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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | November 7th, 2018


Though it’s been a fairly rainy autumn here in the Northeast, on those occasional autumnal nights when the sky is clear, the stars seem especially bright. Indeed, the air, this time of the year, has a characteristic quality of lightness itself. I find it particularly profound, and moving – this quote by one of my favorite modern minds captures it beautifully.

It also conveys an essential understanding about our existence, both in our relationship to the matter of stars and with respect to our unity with cosmic energy. Clearly, this flies in the face of the more “grounded” and thus depressing view of humanity, seen through the lens of duality. And though I’m not publishing this to get caught up in the debate between the two, I will nevertheless share, quite readily, my preference to live in a way that reflects the appreciation for something beyond – that there is something more than what we are often led to believe, by others who seem literally hell bent on undermining a vision of life that transcends the world on which we physically stand. Indeed, I prefer to dream and to reach out in my dreams toward the light. It has helped me on many a dark occasion.

Mitakuye Oyasin,

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