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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | February 21st, 2012

Storm Moon Revisited

For the New Moon in February I’d like to refer back to the last moon-letter and revisit the Storm Moon, taking one more moment to reflect upon its power. In the long run, the Storm Moon, though elusive and somewhat mysterious, draws distinct parallels to a doctrine of Skillful Living that will lead us one step closer in our journey of finding—and re-framing—health. Quite simply, the moon that can be difficult to see amidst the clouds actually creates a unique opportunity to employ and refine our other senses, including our intuition.

Surely, there are times in all of our lives when we find ourselves thrown off course by a storm, wandering in a dark place, unclear of the path ahead. Indeed, we often wind up adrift and bereft. When we get separated from ourselves in this way, a gnawing sense of unease creeps in. If left unattended, a chronic low level depression is the result and many of us have experienced that as well. On the surface we might, at least initially, consider this a bad thing. But, I urge you to pause and view these moments with a different lens and take a deeper look. For if you could find pearls of wisdom or insight hidden behind the clouds, wouldn’t it all make better sense? Indeed, this question is perhaps the most important one to remember to ask on the road to Skillful Living. In this moon letter, we’ll explore that some more. And like in everything else, the better the quality of your question, the better your answer will be.

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