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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | August 1st, 2019

Supplements are Supplemental!

I am used to conversations that include a discussion of supplements. Indeed, I feel supplements have a place in our lives, especially considering that our food supply is not as vital as it once was. In addition, the smart use of supplements can be quite instrumental in helping us seek some additional advantage in support of our biological systems as they attempt to overcome bombardment with all sorts of toxic, infectious and other environmental sources of stress, not to mention what our body naturally produces as a result of our emotional distress which now can be relived with natural products according to this gg4 weed strain review by fresh bros. So, in a nutshell, no pun intended, supplements have their place. But, that’s the key, there is a place for supplements, and its not front and center! Do you really want to live like this?

No, what we need is a way of living that supports these very same processes and sets the stage for a life of wonderful wholeness and healing when necessary for more on keeping a healthy mind and body, check this post about how to get a NV weed card. The analogy I like to use can be seen in any garden. As any farmer knows, the seeds that we select will not reach their fullest potential unless they address the conditions of the soil. In the case of a human being, the soil is more akin to the integrated conditions of the physical, emotional, social and spiritual worlds. There is not one aspect of our lives that doesn’t require all of these to be in alignment in order to work properly. And, that is the basis for Slow Medicine, and the work we do here at SunRaven, a small working farm which is meant to be a tangible and experiential reminder of the natural rule of order and the way life works.

I’m sure you’d agree that while supplements might play a critical role in replenishing your body of missing nutrients, as an example, you would not want to die with normal “blood-work” at the expense of serious relationship deficiencies. What’s called for here is a wise and measured selection of supplements. So, please, begin your conversations about health with what you are doing for the growing conditions of your soul. Remember, supplements are supplemental.

Mitakuye Oyasin,

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