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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | February 18th, 2011

Temptation Moon

As we ease into the latter part of February, we embark on a time of year when we are most tempted to peer into the moderately near future and seek the first signals of the spring that we so deeply yearn for.  Indeed, it is enticing to look to the onset of a season of warm, refreshing breezes and flowers in full bloom that we commonly equate with late March and beyond. However, it is important to resist rushing into the transition up ahead and in so doing it would serve us well to embrace the winter as it exits. This is not only important because it keeps us in the present, but it also serves to help us with the transition itself.

Since we are in the last full lunar month, we have technically arrived at our last chance to incorporate the solid characteristics of this powerful season.  Each year, we have a tendency to forget winter’s vigor – just how cold the days and nights can get and just how long the season can sustain itself.  In our haste, these characteristics may get drowned out by the anticipation of spring.  However, if we take the time to enjoy them in their entirely, it will help us to remember winter’s steadfast ability to persist until it – like any cycle – has rightfully and respectfully run its course.

As the Full Moon graces this evening’s rich winter sky, I encourage you not to allow yourself to become distracted by the promise of the warmer months ahead.  Instead, prepare yourself for the transition by planting yourself solidly where you are now. Have faith that without any hesitation or inhibition, your will to stay grounded will prevent the last days of winter from frivolously slipping by and support you fully to experience the beauty and meaning in each day.

Here’s to the sacred time before a skillful transition.

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