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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | June 12th, 2010

The Lotus Moon

The new moon in June is known in some cultures as “The Lotus Moon,” a very powerful metaphor for nurturing beauty and positivity in our lives and in ourselves.

The lotus roots in mud, and out of the murky water, it produces a most beautiful flower. The symbol of the lotus assures us that a person can rise above being rooted in the messiness, suffering and “imperfection” in the world.

Indeed, people in our culture strive for an elusive ideal ofperfection; and as long as they perceive their lives as less than “perfect,” they are unable to be truly content. The problem is that nothing is perfect in this sense, and as long as we hold onto that false belief we will remain in a vicious cycle of frustration and despair. The irony is that this perceived imperfection is actually what makes the world perfect–the fact being, sometimes we need the messiness to flower and reach our fullest potential.

Instead of focusing our energies on trying to achieve the impossible state of “perfection,” we should realize that beauty can be found in unexpected places. And rather than focusing on what makes something, someone or a situation less than perfect, it is more fruitful to search for that which makes them beautiful. Don’t just look at the muddy water; appreciate the exquisite lotus that grows out of it.  By actively seeking positivity in this way you make the choice to rise above negativity and grow into something more beautiful yourself. This is choosing to live skillfully.

Therefore, I encourage you to make your day beautiful.


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