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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | May 22nd, 2020

The Root of the Disease

So called advanced civilization seems to be very proud of their formal gardens and lawns. Indeed, a hallmark of the aristocracy is perfectly manicured hedges and pristine unblemished carpets of grass. At first glance, these might actually be attractive, but what lies beneath is anything but. Monoculture, in fact, is the antithesis of diversity; and, it is the latter that is necessary for an ecosystem to thrive, specifically and including the ability to withstand the forces of nature.

For us here at SunRaven, as we begin to plant the garden, we are especially mindful of our need to create a foundation of resilience. For this, we rely on the microscopic world of bacteria and fungi. And to do that, we take care of our soil to make it friendly to our subterranean friends.

Throughout the season we then keep an eye out for signs of disruption, if you will, poor health of our garden. The first signs are often pests or, God forbid, the eyesoring weed. But our response is not to kill them. The best method is to see them as harbingers of information that guide us to look deeper — back into the soil. The fact is, weeds are not the problem. They are a symptom of a collapsed ecosystem. And, this is the point: disease, including human disease, are symptoms of a collapsed ecosystem; in that sense, the breakdown of the body’s microbiome, just like in the garden. If you’re in need of pest control services, options like pest control savannah may be helpful in maintaining the health of your garden. A pest control professional is familiar with your needs and knows where to start. They also customize a pest control service based on your needs and location.

I have written previously about the enumerable organisms that reside on the surface of our body and within. We’re talking trillions. And most, despite what we are led to believe, are our friends and allies. Killing them is about the last thing we want to do. Sterilizing our world, as we have, with the widespread use of antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals and other toxins, has led to the pandemics we are facing now. This is why it’s best to work with a company like that use natural pest control methods.

And, I could go further. Many of the invaders (invasive pests and plants, as well as the aforementioned bacteria, so don’t neglect your pest infestation problem and contact Drake Lawn & Pest Control today for their pest control service, and termite treatment.) are coming in, not to make matters worse, but to help, i.e. to clean out the mess and restore balance in the ecosystem. As an example, when large tracks of land are burned to the ground, among the first signs of new life are the weeds. They seem to come out of nowhere and establish themselves all over. Years pass, and it may not look too pretty, but their activity is to regenerate the organic matter in the soil that makes it subsequently more habitable for other plant and animal life. Eventually, the meadows and forests, along with a myriad of other organisms, come back. Indeed, it’s all beautiful, all part of the cosmic parade.

It is an entirely new perspective on life, isn’t it? Weeds are a harbinger of trouble beneath the surface, which is so vital and welcome that we should thank them. And, more so, they are actually part of the solution.

Once again, I want to call your attention to your mindset. If we see disease as something to kill, we miss the point and the dominant lesson entirely. This is not to say the suffering caused by disease should be passed off as irrelevant, that’s not at all what I’m saying. The fact is, suffering is exactly what I’m addressing, the root cause of which is a result of a deeper state of imbalance.

The soil of our consciousness is where we then wind up. While what’s on your mind has a great effect on what happens to your body, ultimately, it’s the disconnect between our soul-spirit and our daily actions (the product of mind on matter) that is the real issue. We have been collectively reckless with our God-given lives. The weeds are popping up to remind us. Trimming the hedges and spraying Roundup on the lawn is only going to perpetuate our crisis; and vaccines, (as an aside), at best, will only temporize the problem. We need more than the quick fix.

Please then, join me by restoring our vibrant world by elevating our individual and collective consciousness and reconnecting the soul of our existence with our being.

Mitakuye Oyasin,


P.S. A word on Uncertainty. Given that the current situation is exacerbating our feelings of insecurity, I would like you to consider the two choices you have: To worry and live in that state constantly; or, to know and accept the fact that uncertainty regarding our health and future is never going to be settled, and use that to remind you of exactly how precious your life is at every moment. Which scares you less?

Don’t be like modern man. It’s time to evolve. Let’s envision a new future and emerge from this crisis with a new understanding and embark together on a journey into a new world.

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