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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | March 4th, 2011

The Worm Moon

The new moon in March is known in certain cultures as “The Worm Moon,” which marks the onset of the long awaited spring season.  It is now, after a powerful and pensive winter, that casts of these worms reappear, attracting robins-the harbingers of spring-to return.  While our appreciation of this process may begin with the arrival of the robins, it is actually the worms, emerging from the ground, that lead the robins to congregate close to one another across the surface of the firm, weathered earth.   Whether we’ve noticed it outright or just felt its tremors in years past, the seductive dance of bird and worm is a choreographed one, presenting us with the opportunity to welcome the cool breeze and bountiful colors of a well-deserved spring.

However, with the rebirth of a multitude of different life cycles approaching, we must remember to honor the transitional period we are entering as much as the endpoint of the transition itself. In other words, while it’s all right to start looking out for the robins now, we must remain patient in our place, remaining grounded, like the robins, secure in the knowledge of the promise of the full flight that will follow.

On the verge of spring fever, I urge you to restore your faith in this deliverance and enjoy the last days of winter as they merge with the first days of the season to come, a truly special time.

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