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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | March 27th, 2017

Thoughts For The Emerging Spring

I believe that our understanding of health has reached a new level and as such medicine is evolving into a new era; finally. What’s so special about this next period is that individuals will be treated with the status they deserve, on par with their doctors and other healers. This new era, though, is not due to further development of biological science, but the more holistic understanding of the interrelationship between the mind and the body, the recognition that true healing and enduring health is a product of both. As such, the new era has come because “the people” are rejecting the notion of “the patient.” The growing realization now, which is nearing its tipping point, is that each individual person must actively engage in their own healing process, no longer strictly determined nor disproportionately dependent on the pills and procedures provided by others.

This has been a dream realization for me; finally, I am not merely a provider myself. Instead I am cherishing the partnerships and seeing even greater results. In this I realize that our work at SunRaven and the work of Slow Medicine altogether has become a literal garden of wellness cultivation. This is the type of space in which we thrive, experiencing a palpable sense of wholeness, the best reflection of the high quality state of health that we seek; not merely defined by the presence of symptoms of the absence of disease. Indeed, those words, actually, may have less to do with health than we have been taught.

So, it is in this spirit that I offer these thoughts for the emerging spring; the uplifting energy of which leads us to take action. My suggestion is that you visit us, whether that be in person or via social media — to get a glimpse and taste of an elixir for life that penetrates deep, or actually stick your hands in the soil and face in the sun of the SunRaven gardens, that bathes us in light. And, we thank you for joining us, because we too are supported in our personal process by your presence. Our work in this respect is not about what we give, for that is merely proof of what we believe; but it is in our belief that healing can occur when people take one step closer to something that nourishes them in every dimension. I look forward to holding your hand as we move forward, together.

Mitakuye Oyasin,

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