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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | November 24th, 2011

White Moon

As our days grow a bit darker and our clothing and appetites get a bit heavier, now is a time to lighten our spirits. The first holiday of the season, Thanksgiving, is a time when giving thanks is our mission. Yet, as we gather to celebrate, the atmosphere can oft be filled with irony, tragedy, burden, loss and strife. Conversations, although well intended, can sometimes become somber, and many of our family’s problems-or the results of them-can become the underlying focus of our dinner chatter. Financial struggles, job loss and of course, illness and the loss of our loved ones can weigh heavily upon us throughout the season.

Tonight, the shadow of the white moon rises overhead, signifying purity, hope and a new start. We often seek to reinvent ourselves on January 1st with a slew of resolutions and a renewed spirit of sorts, but we don’t have to wait for the New Year for a clean slate. We can start now. Go into this holiday season with a pure spirit and fresh outlook on life. Although we’ve set our clocks back and it is undeniable that earlier darkness can impact our outlook, it is critical to make use of the light that is available. Indeed, since light is a premium during these darker days, we must seek it out.

Shift your focus on the good this holiday season. Use the past and the current pain that you are experiencing to expand the space around your heart. Indeed, this is the time of year when it is up to us as individuals not only to welcome the light but to make more room for it.


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