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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | January 11th, 2013

Winter Moon

Happy New Year! I trust that you are all recharged and rejuvenated for what 2013 has in store, or at least, have resolved yourself to move in that direction. Either way, I want to start off by wishing you great success as we embark on yet another year together. I couldn’t be more thankful for you, my loyal subscribers, and for how the universe has aligned for me thus far in the new year. Once again I am committed to sharing what wisdom I have in the hope that it helps each of us achieve our very best.

But, before we blast off into the future, let’s make sure we take some time to respectfully acknowledge and incorporate the resounding lessons we’ve learned in 2012, as difficult as many of them were.  After all, 2013 is not quite a blank slate, but rather an open canvas that’s been primed with the faint shade of the skills we developed in the year that’s now behind us.

Indeed, “to know where you’re going, you must know where you’ve been,” and it’s with great satisfaction that we can look back on the past twelve months and recognize that we have grown over the past year, despite, but especially because of, the pain we may have experienced.  I imagine your resolutions for this upcoming year have a lot to do with that. And even if some of them have began to slip way (not too uncommon as we will explore below) it is important to actually step back to consider what it is you’re looking to achieve in the first place. It is in this way that all that preceded you today, in particular, the lessons of 2012, will serve you best — again, another opportunity to make the most from life’s challenges, the essence of Skillful Living.

So, for the moment, throw out any attachment to your resolutions beyond that. Give yourself this moment to remind yourself that you are on a path and going through a process of learning and growth, not the achievement of perfection. In this way, there is no failure. Maybe this is the year to ask questions, rather than to seek answers.

So…..what’s holding you back?


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