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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | June 21st, 2020

A Simple Solution

Today not only happens to be Father’s Day in the U.S., but the Summer Solstice and a New Moon all at the same time. And, the world is experiencing global pandemics of social injustice, virulent
infections, climate change and ongoing war. Institutions are being challenged, and many are collapsing under the weight of their corruption. In my own house we are facing the changes in the day-to-day lives we’ve taken for granted–the result of a foundation that is proving to be similarly faulty, based on dominant myths of a culture that is in its death throes, and for good reason.

To say we are star-crossed is not the hyperbole of a poet. The forces of nature, including the alignment of the celestial bodies that surround us are in crisis. We are experiencing it on every level of our being, from the carbon in our cells to the gases in the sky, from our hearts and minds to our churches and schools. We can hear crying everywhere. Peace is elusive.

How can we rest, let alone thrive in the midst of all of this?

When faced with overwhelm, there are two common paths taken …. To attempt to solve each and every one of the elements that contribute; or to surrender, and let the forces take over and tear it all down. We’ve been trying the first, and seemingly digging ourselves deeper. And frankly, the second doesn’t appeal to me at all.

That said, I do like the idea of pulling out of the blame game and focusing on the power of recovery through something much more accepting. But I don’t want to give up entirely. Instead, I accept the challenge inherent in this predicament, and am seeking a wiser and more responsible course of action. For me, that is to simplify.

Thinking this through, I want to assess where I’m personally out of balance, and make the adjustments to restore harmony within. I want to share the health and vitality that comes from that with others, and influence them to do the same. Imagine if we all did that. A few important tweaks of those things we continue to carry in our lives, both in our minds and hearts, and give them a nudge in the direction of healing.

Can we just put down the weapons for now and embrace the light within, by getting back to the simple embrace of the sacred life we have and all of those around us?

Too simple you ask? Well, have you tried it? Have you taken care of all of your business, those things directly under your control?

I urge you to join me, as the sun and moon move into their new place in the sky, in honor of the Father of all creation. Peace begins in your heart. Give it a chance.

Mitakuye Oyasin,


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