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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | October 11th, 2011

Autumn Seed Moon

We think of fall as the season of harvest – a time to reap the bounty of our efforts from earlier in the year. And as we collect the fruits and fill our baskets, we can see all around us as nature begins to prepare itself for the winter, reminding us more distinctly now than ever, that we are merely human pieces in a beautiful, abstract puzzle, fit together to ride a seamless tide in an interconnected world.

Still, the harvest is one of nature’s greatest thrills. In some traditions, the New Year begins now, suggesting that the world was fully ripe at the time of creation. Even if you don’t necessarily believe that, it does make sense to reflect on the link between the harvest and the time before when the seeds that have matured into the colorful bouquet of life were first planted.

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