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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | April 21st, 2012

Awakening Moon

Springtime has a way of awakening our senses, as everything around us in nature seems to be going through its own awakening. The trees reveal their blossoms, the birds begin chirping and plant life is sprouting up everywhere we look. It seems fitting then that the New Moon in April is called the Awakening Moon.

It’s hard for us not to notice the sun’s renewed vigor as light bursts forth to illuminate the beauty of the spring season, but it is also revealing that we can’t keep our eyes open and stare at it for too long. Naturally, and almost involuntarily, we squint to protect our eyes from the harsh glare. However, if we are not mindful we not only seek the shade but avoid the light all together. If that continues, as we see all too often, many live their lives in the shadows. This is what I believe the people of the past were trying to remember each year as this new moon arrived.

For the most Skillful perspective this spring, I encourage you to take care of your eyes, but not lose perspective. The achievement of open-eyed open-mindedness is the most powerful awakening possible. The key is to see all that there is to see and not hide from the truth.

May this be the light that enters your world this month.

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