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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | August 20th, 2013

Dispute Moon

The seasonal transition from summer to fall is a time of harvest, in which food is bountiful and resources are plentiful. Yet, even in this period of productivity and celebration, the Celtic name for this month’s moon, “Dispute Moon,” unexpectedly reveals that this time also embodies a sense of conflict and resistance.

Instead of the pure feeling of security and stability that we might assume, for ancient cultures, the abundance associated with the harvest paradoxically produced anxiety, as they remained cognizant of the delicate balance of nature, and knew far too well that scarcity and abundance are actually two sides of the same coin. Similarly, while some of us may welcome the seasonal shift to fall that offers a reprieve from the overwhelming summer heat, many of us feel agitated by this transition, which marks the end of the relaxing and carefree state of summer. Indeed, we are conditioned at this time, in a “back-to-school” mentality, which for many of us stirs up the feeling of resistance.

Given the inevitability of nature’s cycles, perhaps we too can partake of this wisdom – to learn from this seasonal transition and practice the art of equanimity — celebration that includes joy but maintains perspective. To that end, if we can learn to embrace change without resisting all opposition we will find ourselves better equipped to cope with all of life’s unexpected obstacles. And, most important, we will be able to celebrate change by being in the moment — this “omnipotential” first step of the journey into the rest of our lives.

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