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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | February 27th, 2017

Feeling Great Before 8 – Siempre Mejor

Last week I had the privilege and the opportunity to spend a week of teaching at Rancho La Puerta, the oldest “health resort” in North America, founded by Edmond and Deborah Szekely in 1940. Indeed, they were way ahead of their times. What began as a simple high mountain oasis is now a lush landscape of healing.

Sitting above the lovely gardens, seasonally flowing arroyo, and serpentine paths that surround classic adobe buildings, is a sacred mountain, Kuchumaa. The natives who lived there believed it to be the most powerful mountain on the continent. All I can tell you is that the early morning hikes through well-worn trails, one, in fact called Raven, led me feeling great before eight. 8 AM that is.

As I walked the path wrapping around the mountain’s waist, the sun rising to the east across the valley, the sky was filled with colors only visible that time of the day. And, as I breathed in the early morning mist, precipitation from the nightly cooling, it filled my lungs with more than just good air–my soul was inspired. For even in these times of trouble, there is such beauty that fills our senses and can, even if only temporarily, make us feel hopeful. Heading down the mountain to enjoy a meal with new friends my heart felt buoyant.

I share this message because it occurred to me that I should. That I should suggest you go outside early in the morning, if not every day, at least once in a while and absorb that precious early morning moment that might, just might, help you feel better for the day ahead. And, I imagine, if you could experience that once, you can experience that again, and again…..through all of your days.

That’s my wish for you, now and always.

And, in the words of Professor Edmond Szekely…..Siempre Mejor (Always Better),

Mitakuye Oyasin,

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