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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | November 15th, 2020

Finding Peace

I think most of us desire peace. And health. What’s peculiar, however, is that we seem imbedded in perpetual wars in the name of liberty and freedom, presumably to maintain our “inalienable rights.” It’s an irony that is beyond interesting, since it has the dire consequence of preventing both.

Clearly, it’s appropriate to defend ourselves. We can all imagine times when personal space needs to protected. Yet, it is too easy to violate our own principles by acting out and becoming aggressive. The obvious example is territorial appropriation, but words can be more than wavelengths of energy, as they have impact on those who hear them. And, indeed, thoughts drive those words and other actions, and if they are not conveyed with a loving heart, then they are also part of the problem.

Throughout history we have witnessed countless examples of how this plays out. Since we are still here, fighting with each other, it is clear that we have not yet crossed the threshold of an effective methodology. I think it is fair to say that the strategy we have been employing should be brought into question. It seems to me, using the metaphor of medicine, that divisiveness is the disease. We are not only divided from each other, but we are divided most fundamentally from our own truth – the essential birthright of each of us to be free to pursue our path toward whatever bright future we envision. As long as we see obstacles, including “others,” as the problem, we miss the point of recognizing the need to work cooperatively with all in order to reach the goal.

It is painful for me to witness the war of words, especially from those of you who I consider friends. With all due respect, the self-righteousness in many of the messages appears quite similar on both sides, each a reflection of the missing recognition of a deeper understanding of the nature of life and the path toward healing. If peace and love is the goal, the method has to be the same. Remember, the bird needs both of its wings to fly.

Mitakuye Oyasin,

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