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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | May 9th, 2013

The Grass Moon

Spring is in full swing. And, among the flowers, we acknowledge a particularly important one to us all, our Mothers; and along with her, all the other women in our lives who relate to motherhood in some way.

Whether somewhat traditional or completely unconventional, our maternal relationships all tend to have one thing in common…a reigning air of sustenance, with a strong and steady sense of security. Our mothers see us through victories and triumphs, but just as frequently see us stifled, frustrated and fried. It’s in these moments that we may have a tendency to take her for granted, knowing that the moments of comfort that she offers in other instances are as abundant as the blades of grass in a garden.

What we often don’t consider, however, is that even a lush patch of grass isn’t promised. Droughts, natural disasters and man-made destruction are realities, but our expectations rarely wane in response, as we have learned to compensate with our tools for irrigation. But this is not the case for our mothers. That relationship deserves constant watering from a source contained within.

So while the woman who cared for us looks on, recall the instances where she allowed us to stand out in nature’s Technicolor, while she stood solid–full of patience, strength and life–in the oft-overlooked background. It will make lookingat your lawn that much more refreshing. Indeed, motherhood can be recognized in the lawns that cover the ground itself. The Grass Moon is here, it is time to honor Mother Earth in all its forms.

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