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Posted by Michael Finkelstein | July 15th, 2011

Midsummer Moon

As we embark on the hottest days of summer, we are reminded of the undeniable forces of nature, which are now nearing their greatest intensity.  At this juncture, it can become natural, almost instinctive, to continue our own intense efforting. However, this is the time to ride the crest, look around and see how to maintain the flow that has already been set in motion, and not add more complexity to the work.

One way to gauge our ever-fluctuating level of satisfaction in life is to periodically reassess where we are and to check our course. The goals we set in the past may or may not continue to serve us, or remain practical for that matter. It is important that we not waste valuable time and energy. At this time of the year, one realizes that conscious conservation is critical.  While productive and practical, sometimes the tactic of putting our head down and completing tasks at all costs lends itself to an imbalance, motivating us to continue gathering and planning beyond the point that it’s necessary. Letting go of goals is not the point, instead, it is about making sure one recognizes the difference between short term and long term objectives.

I encourage you to commend yourself for your ability to come as far as you have, and accept the responsibility of following through. And I suggest you give yourself permission to make the necessary adjustments to stay on the highest road possible. Sometimes this doesn’t become clear until we get further down the road. This is the true reality of nature: A farmer who selects his seeds and waters them diligently will still not necessarily have a full blown garden until nature has it in the cards for him.

Embrace your role in the larger scheme of the universe and put what you’ve worked for to practice, all things considered.

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